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[City Series]: Beautiful Prague

This post is part of my Quick Guides: City Series, designed as a mini introduction to the destination in question: activities, accommodation, how long to spend there, transport, local food – and whatever else comes to mind!

Probably one of the smallest cities ever – but it certainly does make up for it in its beauty! Here is what to do in Prague…

Ideal duration:

Can definitely see it all in 2 full days or 3 if you want to relax in between all the sightseeing!



Old Town Square & Astronomical Clock


Take a stroll through the Jewish Quarter for interesting architecture

Visit the old Church in the town centre

Wander along Charles Bridge filled with local painters and artists. Sunset is a beautiful time to see it.


Hire a pedalo on the river for a lazy afternoon of amazing views again and photo opportunities

Visit one of the many parks full of beautiful gardens, ponds and fountains


Head up to the city’s viewing platform where you’ll find the castle and cathedral. On the way down, stop in one of the vineyard restaurants/bars.



St Christopher’s @ the Mosaic House

I think where I stayed a couple of years ago under this name has now been split into two separate hostels: St Christopher’s Inn and the Mosaic House. So I can’t vouch for these but if they are anything like the original one (and after a bit of research on both it looks like they’re even better), then the quality and value for money is too good to miss out on!


Love locks on the bridge


It is such a small city centre that there is literally no need for a public transport system (unless you live further out of the city I imagine). Just take some comfortable walking shoes with you and you’ll be good to go!

Local food:

My only advice is: drink Pils. And lots of it. Beer is cheaper than water in Prague…But as the rumour goes, only if you order it in Czech like a local. So make sure you learn this useful little phrase and don’t forget it!


Currency & prices:

Czech Koruna

Everything is just so cheap. The accommodation, food on the street and in restaurants and supermarkets (we paid next to nothing one day for a lot of picnic food from the supermarket).

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