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Stunning Skylines, Cable Cars & Big Buddhas: A Guide On Hong Kong

I absolutely love Hong Kong! It was a few years ago now that I visited – as a stopover on the way to Malaysia – and was immediately captured by its beauty, unique culture, cleanliness and efficiency whilst also being a bustling major city of the world.

Here are my top things to do in this amazing city:

Eat the street food in downtown Hong Kong


Star ferry: travel by water across Victoria Harbour, between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon

Visit Victoria Peak (The Peak): admire the views of the skyscrapers along the bay from up above


Take the cable car up to Big Buddha on Lantau Island: take a cable car (then climb a LOT of steps) up to the magnificent giant Buddha statue. Probably my favourite and most prominent memory of my time in Hong Kong, especially being the aspiring wannabe Buddhist that I am (!). Also stunning views again from so high up.




Take the tram: the famous Ding Ding trams around Hong Kong island is the best way to see the city


Shop in the famous Stanley market. In the area there are also lots of café, restaurants and beautiful beaches: a lovely atmosphere


Admire the famous city skyline over the water from Victoria Harbour. Even more beautiful at night with all its lights reflecting in the water.



Hong Kong skyline at night

Of course there are LOTS more things to do in Hong Kong if you’re lucky enough to have a bit more time in the city, including the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery, Hong Kong Stadium, Disneyland, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and more.


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