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[Hotel Review]: Villa Julius, Gili Islands

The Gilis, a group of 3 small islands just off Bali, are a tiny piece of paradise. Whether you’re heading there for a few days relaxation after partying in Kuta or Seminyak on mainland Bali, or just after a peaceful getaway, you are guaranteed to forget about whatever it is you came to forget, as the hustle and bustle of real life escapes you.

The 3 islands all have their own character, with Gili Trawangan being the largest and the most ‘busy’, while Gili Air and Gili Meno have a more relaxed pace. Although I would have loved to visit all three, time restrictions meant that I only had a few days there and so I opted for Gili T.


Shopping along the main street of the island

The island is so small it takes less than an hour to ride around the entire thing by bike…Most of the accommodation is located in the hub of the island where the boats arrive, but I chose to stay in the one hotel right in the north and even further away from the action. And I cannot recommend the hotel enough.

Villa Julius is a small boutique style hotel with only 6 rooms, all beautifully (and I imagine, individually) designed in a boutique boho style with sheer red bed curtains and art on the wall. The staff are genuinely lovely and welcoming, and do their best to make you feel relaxed and at home.

The hotel boasts a beautiful saltwater pool and the hotel sits literally 50 metres from the sand so you can hear the waves crashing from your room! Enjoy your complimentary breakfast on the peaceful beach (which we had to ourselves all three mornings), and spend the rest of the day relaxing by the pool drinking juices and cocktails, with maybe a leisurely stroll into town for a spot of local shopping and a beer at one of the restaurants or bars along the short stretch of town.


The lunch time menu is simple but great – just what you need, and one or two nights a week, the hotel do a barbecue with freshly caught fish from that day, served on the beach which is lit up by the fairy lights hanging from the trees, so you can eat and watch the sun sink into the sea…it really is magical.


Private dining on the sand

The only downside, if you are looking for one, is the 20 minute walk back from the town at nighttime, which is an un-lit path through the woods which I can imagine would be scary if by yourself! But alternatively, you can catch a horse and carriage back for very little!

It really is a little slice of heaven, especially considering its cheap prices, and if I ever go back to the Gilis I will definitely be staying there again!

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