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My Bucket Wanderlist

“People say that what we are all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think this is what we’re really seeking. I think what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive”

Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

Everyone and anyone can have a bucket list, whether it’s day-to-day checklist to keep your life on the right track, places and countries you want to visit, or experiences on a grander scale. It’s a really great way of keeping yourself inspired.

Here’s mine.

💭 Live in a different country for a while ✔︎

💭 Go white water rafting

💭 Visit Alaska

💭 Drive the Great Ocean Road in Australia ✔︎

💭 Trek Macchu Picchu

💭 Swim with dolphins ✔︎

💭 Visit Niagara Falls ✔︎

💭 Hike a trail

💭 See Ayers Rock in the Australian outback ✔︎

💭 Spend a week in a beach hut in the Maldives

💭 Go jet-skiing and waterskiing

💭 Make a scrapbook/travel journal of everywhere I’ve been

💭 Sleep under the stars ✔︎

💭 Start yoga ✔︎

💭 Worry less and appreciate more

💭 Travel around Europe by train ✔︎

💭 Learn to cook fresh, simple and healthy meals and enjoy it

💭 Go on a classic American roadtrip

💭 Go husky dog sledding and visit Santa in Lapland

💭 Do something kind everyday

💭 Take a cooking class in Thailand or India

💭 Live by the sea

💭 Go to Glastonbury festival

💭 Go on an African wildlife safari ✔︎

💭 Sleep in the desert ✔︎

💭 Learn to paddle board ✔︎

💭 Go island hopping around Thailand ✔︎

💭 Go on a trip all by myself

💭 Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef ✔︎

💭 Volunteer in an orphanage in a third world country

💭 Go camping ✔︎

💭 Backpack through Southeast Asia ✔︎

💭 Worry less about what others think

💭 Take a gondola ride through Venice ✔︎

💭 Spend a weekend in bustling Tokyo

💭 Travel across the south of France by car

💭 Climb a mountain ✔︎

💭 Go to a proper American baseball game

💭 Skydive ✔︎

💭 Float in the Black sea

💭 Watch sunrise over Angkor Wat ✔︎

💭 Be more positive

💭 Feed kangaroos and cuddle a koala in Oz ✔︎

💭 Visit the beautiful Amalfi coast ✔︎

💭 See dolphins in the wild ✔︎

💭 Drive in another country ✔︎

💭 Swim in the sea amongst the limestone cliffs in Thailand ✔︎

💭 Take a photography class and learn how to use my camera properly

💭 Watch the sunrise after staying up all night

💭 Take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon ✔︎

💭 Be a vegetarian for a while

💭 Go on a road trip through the Irish countryside

💭 Improve someone else’s day where possible

💭 Just drive somewhere with no direction and no maps

💭 Eat pad thai from a street stall in Bangkok ✔︎

💭 Own my very own little place in London

💭 Let go of a floating lantern at a lantern festival

💭 Go to Mexico ✔︎

💭 Wander the backstreets and temples of beautiful Istanbul

💭 Try to appreciate at least one thing every day

💭 Have a job where I look forward to waking up in the morning

💭 Read more

💭 Live in a campervan for a while ✔︎

💭 Put a message in a bottle and throw it in the ocean

💭 Go whale-watching

💭 Visit a Buddhist monastery

💭 Swim with giant turtles

💭 Visit the Taj Mahal and experience the sights, smells and tastes of India

💭 Go skinny dipping in the sea

💭 See the pyramids in Egypt

💭 Stay in an ice hotel

💭 Eat real Italian gelato in Italy ✔︎

💭 Sleep on the sand

💭 Explore the bustling capital city of Marrekech

💭 Toast marshmallows on a bonfire ✔︎

💭 Go on a snowy winter’s break to St Petersburg, Russia

💭 Own a Volkswagen campervan

💭 Go Greek island hopping

💭 Ride an elephant ✔︎

💭 Laze on Copacabana beach and go to the Brazilian Carnival in Rio

💭 Learn to surf

💭 Visit Cinque Terre in Italy

💭 Go somewhere just for the purpose of getting lost

💭 Walk through rainforests, fields and deserts ✔︎

💭 Take a foreign language course abroad ✔︎

💭 Take a dip in the natural hot springs and see the Northern lights in Reykjavik, Iceland

💭 Jump off rocks into the sea

💭 Go backpacking in South America

💭 Swim in waterfalls

💭 See the Duomo in Florence and the Michelangelo ceiling in Rome ✔︎

💭 Watch turtles lay their eggs on the sand

💭 Walk along the Great Wall of China

💭 Go sailing around the world

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