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Travel Listography: Exploring The World In Lists

I am SO excited about my new purchase yesterday and wanted to share it with you!

To quote the book’s introduction, “Travelling is a transformative experience that expands our perspective and enriches the connection we have to each other. Travel Listography is your book to record where you’ve been and where you hope to go. Even writing down the places you’d like to visit can spark your imagination and be a reminder of how truly amazing our planet is”.

From ticking off cities, countries and continents to recording your visits to famous monuments, landmarks and memorable restaurants to remembering funny travel incidents and putting places on your time-travel wish list, every single page is thought-provoking, bringing up past travel memories from years before which might have slipped to the back of your mind. Like that little ice cream shop in that tiny Italian village or that amazing tour guide who showed you round Amsterdam that time, this book is the place for all those details you don’t want to forget and ultimately acts as a sort of personal travel encyclopedia.

I can’t wait for it to gradually fill up and to look back on it in years to come. I’m also really excited for it to give me ideas and inspiration for future blog posts on categories I hadn’t even considered before! Watch this space…

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