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3 Top Tips On Saving For Travel

Whether it’s coming up to a big trip you’ve got booked or you’re just keen to save some cash for your next holiday, here are my 3 top tips on how to start a dedicated and effective travel savings plan:

1. Create a savings plan

If you have a monthly income, set aside a certain amount depending on your budget. The months before I set off on my 12 month trip around Asia and Australia, I set up a direct debit into my savings account of £400 each month. Even after a few months (let alone if you did this for a year or so), I had a really substantial amount to start paying for pre-trip expenses, hotel bookings, flights, currencies etc.

2. Cut back

This will depend on you as a person. In our everyday lives, we all spend money on things that enrich our lives just that little bit, but things that we do not need. Whether it’s your morning Starbucks latte, your monthly nail or hair appointment or meals out at the weekend, even though it doesn’t seem like much, these things do add up and can really make a difference when added to your travel budget!

Other ideas on how to cut back include:

– Selling some stuff

– Reduce your car/petrol usage if possible

– Stay in more/Go out less

– Cancel your gym membership and go for a run instead!

– Do free things instead of paid activities

3. Cash pot

This is a really great and fun way to get saving for your travels. Get an old jam jar, put a label on it – ‘Travel funds’, ’Adventure’, ‘I’m outta here’ or whatever you like (like mine pictured above) and add to it whenever you can. Whether it’s putting your weekly tips in there, the money you save from not buying your coffee, lunch etc everyday, or just extra coins or notes that are filling up your purse, physically seeing it there every day will keep you motivated and act as a little, much-needed reminder. And you’ll be glad of that bit extra when you come to convert it into another currency before you leave!

The whole saving process can be hard, whatever it’s for – especially when you have to say no to friends or family inviting you on day trips, weekends away or even just meals out. But remember – you’re going travelling! That’s the best goal a person can have.

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