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5 Travel Resolutions For The New Year

As one year is over and the new one is beginning, it’s that time again to dust off old unwanted habits and start afresh with something new. With that in mind, I’ve got some new year travel resolutions for you to try in 2016 – which will hopefully make your trips that little bit more interesting, memorable and special!

1. Go local

Instead of booking yourself straight into a hotel brand you know or heading to a chain of restaurants you recognise, try to go for something more unique, local and authentic. Opt for a homestay where you get to meet and live with locals for a few days, eat in the family run restaurant off the main street, get a independent local tour guide to take you around. Often this will enrich the experience and add that memorable and personal touch to your trip.

2. Go solo

It can seem daunting – but studies show that travelling solo has amazing benefits and can change your life in many ways! And this doesn’t necessarily mean spending the entire trip alone – you could book yourself onto a small group adventure or tour, stay in dorm rooms where you’re bound to meet a variety of people travelling solo like yourself, or if you really do want to be by yourself, take the opportunity to enjoy the time, space, buzz, peace or whatever it is that you need!

3. Try something new

Make it a rule to try something new in every new place that you visit. It could be simply going for a dish on the menu that you’ve never even heard of (we all know eating local is the best way when travelling) or something more extreme like a sport or activity you’ve always wanted to try (surf lessons, skydive, white water rafting).

4. Explore closer to home

It’s a common misconception that a holiday means travelling far from home. I bet there are so many beautiful places nearby in your country that you overlook just because you’ve got it in your head that a holiday equals going abroad. This year, aim to explore places closer to home – and in doing so, you’ll save time, money and learn to appreciate the beauty around you!

5. Stop making excuses and just do it

So many of us make excuses for not doing something this week, this month or this year. When it comes to travelling, make it a priority! And it’s all about compromise. If you’re struggling with time, make it a long weekend instead of a two week trip – if you’re tight on money, visit somewhere closer to home  – or if you’ve got no-one to go with, go by yourself (see resolution #2)! If you really want to do something, you’re the only one who’s going to make it happen.

Happy New Year everyone – and make 2016 a great one for travelling!


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