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Vietnam Part I: City Life In Hanoi

From Siem Reap, we took a short flight north to Hanoi. The first dramatic change of weather we had experienced – from the 30 degree heat to the cold! 

Hanoi is definitely a must-see if you’re travelling Vietnam, but for me lacks any charm. It is the most unfriendly city I’ve visited and it’s busy and cramped and full of motorbikes (you’ll probably be killed by a motorbike if you don’t attach yourself to a local whilst crossing the road!)


Dog head and other parts being sold on the street


The main attraction in the city is the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Ba Dinh Square in the middle of Hanoi, which is definitely worth a visit. It is an interesting museum and memorial dedicated to the Vietnamese leader who led the country to independence in 1945.

Other than this, it is the city’s street life which is the main attraction. Head to the food markets down the backstreets and you might catch a glimpse of dog’s head and other parts being sold, along with other daily essentials…!

Recommended duration in Hanoi: 2 days

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