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Viñales Valley | Cuba

This post is part of my Photography series, showcasing my own snaps of everything from scenery, nature and wildlife to cityscapes, monuments and people – all from my personal travels around the world.

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  1. Alan I Conway says

    Hi Lauren, this is your great Uncle Alan from sunny South Carolina USA.
    At long last I have remembered to ask Nadia how to use your blog. Being an old f**t I was waiting for oh so long for a continuation of your blog as unbeknownst to me that it did happen automatically but I had to enter from google. So now I know how,and when I will read all of your messages with great interest. I am also told that I have to wish you a well done on your recent promotion within your company, that’s very exciting. Carolyn is at present baking some cookies for me as I complained on this past Wednesday (when celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary) that I had run out of the ginger ones which are very yummy.
    Now that is’e Saturday 25th almost noon and we haven’t had breakfast ye, I must go go to the kitchen as Carolyn has just called me to do some seriuos bowl licking which is one of my favourite pastimes since I retired the first time wayback in 2000. ( I really retired after the second time in 2014 so now I am just about unbeatable at solitare.
    Later. G.U Alan & Carolyn XXXXXXX


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