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5 Reasons To Pack Your Bag And Go Travelling NOW!

1. If you’ve had the urge – even remotely – you need to act upon that urge! Trust yourself and your mind that it might just be what you need at that given time – whether it’s the catalyst for a much-needed new start or change in lifestyle, a fresh perspective, or just the chance to get out of the country for a few weeks or months to clear your head and get yourself a bit of that all-important vitamin D. Whatever the reason behind it, trust your instinct and go – this is the very first step.

2. It’s so important to step away from your usual everyday routine, take a break from the internet, your phone and gadgets and just look, listen, smell and feel! 

3. It’s always good to have a change of scenery. It keeps you inspired, motivated and grounded and gives you a chance – which you wouldn’t necessarily have at home – to look at the bigger picture, work out what’s important, and reflect on things in your life, however big or small.


4. Travel is the cure and the answer for so many of our needs. I don’t think anyone has ever come back from travelling – whether it’s a few days exploring the busy backstreets of a city, a week on a secluded beach in the tropical sun or a few months exploring a new continent – and felt worse off. Get out and go somewhere new and do it as often as possible – the only effect it has on your mind, body and soul is positive!

5. I really believe that travel helps not only every individual but also the world at large. Experience gained from travel is such a powerful thing – the more we see, the less we think our way is the only way, and the more we understand others and the world we live in.

If that hasn’t persuaded you to dust off your backpack and start on your packing list – or even planted the all-important seed in the back of your mind – then I don’t know what will you just better keep reading my travel blog…!

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  1. mandmc1 says

    Travel is the greatest gift, a life-changer, a thought-provoker; I’m in gratitude always for having the opportunity to travel.

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