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The Essential Packing List

So you might have read my post Plane and Simple: Packing Made Easy with my top packing tips and some essential travel items, useful for both long haul and shorter trips.

Sometimes packing and the pre-travel can be one of the funnest parts of travelling! However, this week as I find myself once again hauling my barely dusty case out of the wardrobe to embark on the packing process precisely two days before I fly to the Seychelles (hard life) and wondering as per usual why I hadn’t been more organised and wishing I’d started putting together some things a bit earlier, I’m finding that this is not the case.

Granted a beach holiday like this one is not the hardest trip to pack for, especially compared to my last few trips to India and Cuba which were backpacking trips so required a lot of planning for different scenarios, but it still takes a lot of time.

Anyway, I thought I would potentially save you the same stress and share my full packing list with you. I realise this isn’t the most exciting read, but you can never underestimate the efficiency of a list. I find it somewhat therapeutic to gradually tick my way through till I reach the bottom. I hope you find it just as useful!


It’s always a good idea to have photocopies/spare print outs of the most important documents or a copy saved on your phone/tablet.

– Passport

– Driving license

– Flight tickets

– Accommodation vouchers/confirmation

– Visas

– Travel insurance documents

– Vaccination paperwork/booklet

– Passport size photos (for visas)

– Local currency (it’s a good idea to split this between a couple of places/bags just incase)

– Bank card (that’s been registered to use abroad)


These are probably the most expensive items you’re travelling with so make sure they’re all insured and also that you have back-ups of everything stored somewhere at home.

– Phone

– Camera (& a big enough memory card)

– Tablet/laptop

– Headphones (essential for long journeys)

– Chargers

– Adaptors


Make sure you give yourself enough time, as it does take a bit of planning to write lists and go out and buy what you need.

– Toothbrush & toothpaste

– Deodorant

– Make up remover / face wipes

– Face moisturiser

– Body moisturiser and/or aftersun

– Exfoliator

– Suncream

– Shampoo & conditioner

– Body wash & sponge

– Handcream

– Razors

– Cotton buds/pads

– Toilet roll (especially if you’re backpacking or visiting a third world country as this can become essential)

– Travel detergent wash

– Sanitary items

– Bag for wet or dirty clothes


Not the most exciting, but 100% essential.

– Mini first aid kit (including plasters, mini bandages, antiseptic cream/wipes etc)

– Any medication that you take

– Mosquito plug and/or spray

– Travel tissues (you can never have enough of these)

– Antibacterial hand gel or wipes (I normally take 2 or 3 of these as they’re only small and if you’re anything like me, you can’t underestimate how much you’ll use them)

– Paracetamol/Ibuprofen/Buscopan/Immodium or anything particular that you use

– Echinacea or berocca (to keep up the immune system whilst you’re away)

– Anti histamines


This is where it gets a bit more fun…

– Travel hair dryer

– Hairbrush & hair ties

– Straighteners/curlers

– Heat protection hair spray/serum/sun hair oil

– Make up (including waterproof mascara for the pool/beach)

– Perfume

– Nail varnish & remover

– Nail scissors & file

– Tweezers

– Epilator

– Mini travel mirror

– Jewellery


Remember that if you’re backpacking, you’ll be carrying what you bring! Pack as light as you can and your future self will thank you…

– Underwear

– Swimwear

– Flight socks

– Pyjamas

– Clothes (a good variety depending on where you’re going and what season it is)

– Waterproof jacket

– Flip-flops & a pair of trainers

– Sunglasses / hats

– Thin beach towel and/or travel towel (definitely worth investing in one of these if you haven’t already)

– Appropriate day bag, evening bag and/or beach bag


This is more personal items or things you can’t live without when you’re away, but here are mine.

– Guidebook (Lonely Planet is my ultimate fave)

– Books or Kindle

– Travel journal & pens (to document the trip – one of my favourite things to do, and it’s so easy to forget day to day thoughts and activities once you’re home)

– Umbrella (hopefully not needed but always better to be safe than sorry – guess that’s my English self showing through)

Good luck and happy packing!

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