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Paradise Does Exist: A Week In The Seychelles

So I’ve just said goodbye to this beautiful island and my last Seychellois sunset as I write this from the tiny airport runway about to set off on our evening flight back home to the UK. It’s been an interesting week – filled with sun, storms, rain, giant tortoises, beautiful nature, botanical gardens, great food, cocktails, markets, sunsets and the most incredible postcard-perfect beaches I think I’ve ever seen.



All in all we had a great time on the island and found the hospitality of the Seychellois people to be warm, welcoming and genuine. The only negative experiences we had was the first hotel we stayed at (which I won’t go into any more detail about as this is not what this post is about!) and a bit of unfortunate cloudy and rainy weather for quite a few days which was disappointing…but what can you do about nature! Having said this, however, if it hadn’t have continued to rain one morning, we probably wouldn’t have made the decision to visit the main island town of Victoria, which turned out to be one of the highlights of the week!

Here, we visited the town’s Botanical Gardens where we saw the amazing endangered giant tortoises (the main reason which enticed us there), saw the indigenous fruit bats up close hanging upside down in the trees, and wandered through the rainforest admiring bread fruit trees and the beautiful local species of flora and fauna until we couldn’t bear the humidity any longer!


The town was very small – even more so than we’d imagined – but it was great to get a feel for the local island culture by strolling through the quiet streets and past the island’s iconic Clocktower in the centre and the brightly coloured markets selling everything from fresh fruit, vegetables and multicoloured fish (!) to clothes, souvenirs and local handicrafts. We’d decided that was enough cultural activity for our week of relaxation!…And so after the hour or so it took us to cover what we felt was pretty much the whole town, we jumped back onto the cramped local bus (an experience in itself), sweaty, tired and craving the air-conned sanctuary of the hotel.


The rest of our time on the beautiful island was spent admiring the picture perfect white sands and turquoise waters of the beach, picking beautiful shells, swinging on hammocks in the trees, sipping cocktails from the veranda bar of our hotel and enjoying the local Creole delicacies of coconut flavoured fish (job fish, red snapper, prawns) and papaya salads.


It really was idyllic. I’ve travelled a lot and seen so many beaches all over the world, but these really have topped all of them. The sand was the softest I’ve ever felt, the clear sea was such an incredible deep turquoise colour and the palm trees and rocks were so ideally positioned it was as if someone had placed them there! It was hard to stop taking pictures, as every new view I came across or new angle I looked at it from I just wanted to capture – but I don’t even think they do it justice! For now, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, but urge you to visit the Seychelles if you ever have the chance…


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