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Patriotism At Its Best: Propaganda Of The Cuban Revolution

If I had to describe Cuba in a few words after my time spent there, ‘patriotism’ would be up there in the top three. The iconic Cuban Revolution of 1953 has formed a country with such a strong sense of unity and pride which still echoes today wherever you go.

The revolt led by Fidel Castro in 1953 resulted in an overthrow of the authoritarian government which was replaced with a socialist state six years later. This transformed the country’s political, economic and social situation for the better, the effects of which truly live on today.

From the buzzing capital of Havana to its rural vineyard towns and coastline, the country is united with a unique sense of purpose, proud achievement of the island’s past and mutual hope for its future. Huge billboards grab your attention at roundabouts, posters cover shop windows, street art and graffiti is sprawled on buildings and walls wherever you look, and Revolution merchandise oozes from every shop corner just like patriotism does from its people. Here are some of my favourite spots…

This post is part of my Photography series, showcasing my own snaps of everything from scenery, nature and wildlife to cityscapes, monuments and people – all from my personal travels around the world.


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