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[Nepal: Diary of a First Time Trekker]: Day 1, Kathmandu

As far as long haul flights go, it wasn’t a bad one. I was prepared mentally and physically for the long journey in my comfy clothes and all the gear. I managed to watch a few films as well as getting in a good amount of sleep as this bit was an overnight leg. However on arrival into Kathmandu, after meeting the Exodus rep, Pasang – who, it turns out, was going my be my guide for the entire trip – and a quick transfer to our hotel, I realised I was exhausted. Although only late morning, I was lucky enough for my room to be ready and, desperate for a shower and a clean change of clothes, I headed straight up, with the intention of heading out a couple of hours later to explore the city. Well the district of Thamel which was nearby the hotel. However a ‘quick lie down’ on the bed turned into a whole afternoon of napping. Normally I’m really one for getting out and about and exploring whatever city …

[People Of The World Series]: Holy Man, Kathmandu, Nepal

There is a hidden story behind every face, a smile or an expression telling a thousand stories without any words. Some of my favourite pictures from my travels are of people’s faces around the world, a snapshot of someone’s daily life captured in a split-second action shot. It is true that one of the best ways to get under the skin of a country is through its locals. In my People Of The World Series, I share my photographs of people from all around the world.

[Nepal: Diary of a First Time Trekker]: Airport Musings

[Written from Istanbul Airport] I’ve travelled a lot on my own over the years, but for this trip something feels a bit different. It’s not just the challenge of travelling solo this time, which in itself is hard – going it alone, out of your comfort zone, to a brand new environment, meeting a group of strangers, facing new and unexpected challenges. With this trip comes the extra physical challenge of climbing a mountain. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve never been a super sporty person or into walking or running, at all really. If you had told me a few years ago I’d be going on a trekking trip to Nepal I think I would’ve laughed in your face! But here I am, waiting to board my second flight, nervous but excited and questioning what made me want to do it. I booked it a year in advance, it seemed like a great idea at the time, I was keen for a new challenge, and it was most definitely on a complete whim (which …