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I have always had a keen eye for photography. As far back as I can remember, I have loved taking photos, but only over the last five years or so has it turned into a real hobby. I never miss an opportunity to snap a scene wherever I might be, I have a slight obsession with photography books and polaroids and can happily spend hours on my laptop sorting through and editing all my travel pictures!

I sometimes find myself looking at a scene and seeing it through a camera lens or visualising how I’m going to edit a particular shot later on. It’s an amazing ability to be able to capture a memory, a scene, a moment in time for the future: ‘photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still’ (Dorothea Lange). Having said this though, before delving straight into your bag in search of your camera (which I am definitely guilty of), it’s so important to actually just take a moment and look with your own eyes…a sentiment which became all the more poignant for me on a trip to India last year (read my post here) where I sadly parted ways with my beloved Nikon camera! Since then, however, we have reunited and have had many more amazing trips together – it comes with me everywhere I go!


All the photos you see on this site are my own and if you like any of my work, please feel free to share it and credit the site. One particular photo from one of my most recent trips has actually been on display the last few months at a photography exhibition at the Royal Geographic Society in London (read more on that here)! Some pictures you see were taken years back, others very recent, some with my phone, some with underwater cameras, with old digitals…but all of them, I think, highlight one thing: just how beautiful our planet is!