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[Planning Your Route]: 1 Month Interrailing Europe

When planning a multi-stop trip – whether it’s one country or one continent – can be daunting, with many places to see. Do you stay on the well travelled route – or do you want to go off the beaten track? Are you travelling on a shoestring or do you want to treat yourself? Are you going to plan it all before you go or give yourself some flexibility and leave it open? Are you going to fit it all in to a few weeks or stretch it out over a few months?

Camping, Canyons & Camels: Adventures In The Outback

“Outback means different things to different people in different parts of Australia – deserts, tropical savannah, even wetlands – but what’s consistent is the idea that it is far from comforts of the familiar and the crowds of urbanisation. It is ‘beyond the black stump’ and it holds many surprises” – Lonely Planet’s Australia