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[Nepal: Diary of a First Time Trekker]: Day 3, First Day Of Proper Trekking

It was here – the first day of proper trekking! I think we were all keen to put our hiking boots to good use (mine for their debut) and get stuck in. As our guide, Pasang, had briefed us the night before, today we were in for a long day. We needed to begin our ascent up the mountain, and that meant a long 8 hour hike up a steep stone staircase, through neatly terraced hillsides on our way to the top of Ulleri. As we rose early, the sun was not yet out and temperatures were cold. But as I quickly began to learn, it’s all about the layers in the Himalayas (rhyming unintentional) as after a couple of hours, the sun emerged mid morning and it warmed up extremely quickly, plus the sheer exertion of walking on a constant uphill made sure we had our sweat on. It was a constant striving to retain a good balance, but I made sure I was prepared – with about 4 to 5 layers to play …

[People Of The World Series]: Faces Of Cuba

There is a hidden story behind every face, a smile or an expression telling a thousand stories without any words. Some of my favourite pictures from my travels are of people’s faces around the world, a snapshot of someone’s daily life captured in a split-second action shot. It is true that one of the best ways to get under the skin of a country is through its locals. In my People Of The World Series, I share my photographs of people from all around the world.

Viñales: Cuba’s Green Scene

When someone says Cuba, you most likely conjure up iconic images of its capital Havana – its bustling streets, lively music, happy faces and those old school vintage cars roaming the streets. This without doubt is the heart of Cuba, its lively body and soul. Idyllic Caribbean beach scenes might also come to mind – white sand, turquoise waters and rum cocktails. And you wouldn’t be wrong. The large majority of visitors to Cuba split their time solely between Havana and the Varadero beach region, a nice little combination of city and beach with the added ease of getting between the two in just a couple of hours. However, there’s just so much more to the island if you have the time to really explore. After an incredible few days in Havana (more on that to come in a later post), we headed a few hours west to the beautiful Viñales, four to be precise. Now this is by no means off the beaten track, but perhaps due to its position in the opposite direction …