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4 Top Tips For Backpacking Australia

1. Be as flexible as you can be Unless you really have to, don’t plan your itinerary in too much detail. You might arrive somewhere which you’d planned to stay for 3 days in and fall in love with it, make friends who you want to stick with for slightly longer, or have bad luck with the weather and want to stay a bit of extra time. Equally, you might have set aside a week for somewhere you thought you’d love but it just doesn’t float your boat. Although it’s important to be organised or have a rough plan to a certain extent, I would say leave it open and flexible as much as you can. 2. Go off the beaten track Sure, you’re going to want to visit Melbourne, see the harbour bridge and opera house in Sydney and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. I’m not saying don’t visit the main tourist attractions – they are amazing cities and destinations and 100% worth going to, but it’s nice to also plan to …

Settling In Melbourne

As we had spent the last month (and 6 weeks before that in Asia) moving from place to place, with no more than three nights in one place, we decided we needed a place to settle where we could actually unpack our bags for the first time, find a job and earn a bit of money before moving on to the next part of our trip, the massive east coast! So Melbourne it was.