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[Food Review]: Top Markets In Australia & What To Eat

1. Fremantle Markets South Terrace & Henderson St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia The market in Fremantle is up there as one of the most infamous in the country – and when you go, there’s no mistaking why. Located in a beautiful, huge, old building from 1897, its setting is just as good as its content! From authentic boomerangs and aboriginal masks to handmade jewellery and clothing, it houses everything in the Historic Hall – and you can easily pass a whole afternoon sampling the goods. Try: Its infamous Croc-Dogs or Kanga-Bangers. No prizes for guessing what they involve… 2. Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne 513 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia As one of the oldest and most iconic Australian markets, I can safely say that in almost 9 months of living in Melbourne and countless daytime shopping trips, cultural shows and exhibits promoting food and music from around the world, and visits to the buzzing evening social scene of the infamous Wednesday Night Market, it’s extremely hard to ever get bored of Queen Vic market, …

“The Most Liveable City In The World”: Top 10 Things To Do In Melbourne

When we first moved to Melbourne, I was expecting to immediately fall in love with the city. In my head, it would be really easy to find a job and when this didn’t happen straight away, along with a couple of other things, like on our first week here when we got fined twice on the tram, I felt like somehow the city was against me…

Settling In Melbourne

As we had spent the last month (and 6 weeks before that in Asia) moving from place to place, with no more than three nights in one place, we decided we needed a place to settle where we could actually unpack our bags for the first time, find a job and earn a bit of money before moving on to the next part of our trip, the massive east coast! So Melbourne it was.